Rome EUR
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Rome EUR

USD$ 1,800 Per mese
Deposito cauzionale: USD$ 4,000

Rome EUR

Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11, 143 Rome

The office space in Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR) is located in a stunning glass-fronted modern building in an out-of-town business district. The area was originally planned for the 1942 world fair, featuring austere architecture. New office and government buildings and green spaces have since been added, and EUR is still expanding through urban planning projects. The building has secure parking and is close to an underground railway station. The international Leonardo da Vinci and smaller Ciampino airports are within easy reach. The planned new La Nuvola ('the Cloud') conference centre and the Palazzo delle Civilita del Lavoro or 'Square Colosseum', an iconic building, are among architecturally significant venues in EUR that will regularly host international exhibitions and events.


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Persona da contattare: Regus
Telefono: (844) 869 - 4096
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